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Our mission is to provide quality construction with conscientiousness and a moderate price 

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        Our founders Mr. Zhao and Mr. Chen have had over 18 years of experiences in the industry of real estate development. They first started their careers in a real estate agency. Years ago, they were passionate to introducing buildings, houses and condos to their customers.

        But, one day they discovered an opportunity in real estate development. A thought came up in their minds: ''why do we not build our own building? ''

        Thereafter, two enthusiastic young men began researching potential lands in the areas that may thrive in the future. In 2002, their first building came out in Elmhurst, New York state. Their achievement has brought them the biggest motivation and inspiration to continually build their legacy in the industry of real estate development. 

        Today, our businesses have expanded to land investment, constructing and consulting.

        Our mission is no longer just to build our own buildings. We want to help others who share the dreams that we had 18 years ago, have their first property built and establish their legacy.

        Let us know if you have a dream, we are here to help you to achieve your dream.


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3050A White Stone Expy

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Tel: 718-263-2663


To apply for a job with Great Stone General Construction, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 718-263-2663

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